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hubs in 15 cities, an energy policy that shifts cars off oil for good, and raising the minimum wage to $9.00 across the u-s with increases tied to the cost of living. "it could mean the difference between food bank and getting ahead." the president announced a bi- partisan commission to improve voting delays and made this vow about the war in afghanistan. "over the next year, 34,000 will come home and by the end of next year, our war with afghanistan will be over." the president ended with a plea to reform gun laws "gabby giffords deserves a vote. aurora, oak creek, (etc) deserve a simple vote." florida senator marco rubio provided a republican response. "obamacare is the reason companies 50 and larger aren't hiring. it's turning fulltime workers into part-time workers" observers say president obama has a limited window of opportunity to get it done. "simplify the tax code, certainty on that and spending that's what the economy needs." following the president's speech, senior white house advisors began a question and answer session via twitter, google-plus and facebook.it's called
caffiene than energy drinks but also gives pepsico a boost into the energy drink market. maker's mark is changing up its recipe. the liquor is facing such high demand across the globe, that makers has plans to water down the bourbon, reducing the alcohol level by 3%. fans showed "distaste" for the decision on facebook and twitter. however, the company insists its booze will taste just the same. putting ads on player's jerseys pits nba owners against fans. the issue will be put to a vote when the league's board of governors meets in april. owners are reportedly leaning toward allowing small ads on jerseys in exchange for an anticipated $100 million in revenue for the nba. still to come, a new film takes us inside the world of silicon valley before the days of bill gates and mark zuckerberg. that's later. but first, bill moller has the scoop on suprising deductions for people who work from home. that's after this "in the know" message. there's been a lot of unhappy tax news of late, especially for the super wealthy. but here's some really pretty good news for anybody who works out of th
for an energy-efficient economy. second-greenest was the honda fit ev. toyota's prius, prius plug-in hybrid and the honda civic hybrid all tied for the next slots. the so-called "meanest" designation when it comes to the environment went to three ford vehicles: the f-350 and f-250 truck in their four- wheel drive versions and the e- 350 wagon van. it always pays to get behind the wheel of a car you want to buy before sitting down to negotate a deal. brian moody of autotrader.com joins us this morning with the insider's look. good to have you here. > > good morning. how are you? > you have named the new volkswagen beetle, dodge dart, cadillac ats, and nissan pathfinder as cars that you think are worth a test drive. what do you suggest for anyone taking a test drive in those cars, or any other car? > > what is important to remember is that if you are buying a car, there is no hurry. take your time. take a long test drive. the salesperson is going to want you to get in and get out quick, because they want to move on with their day and sell more cars. you should spend more time behind the wheel
majestic animals, powerful hunters. this is just an easy way to give them the extra energy they need to do more hunting. >> and they're not the only ones looking for a free handout. look what's in the water to the left of the boat. >> yes. seals. >> and they're like, man, throw me one. >> that's a ton of eagles. it's crazy. i can't get over the number of eagles that are hanging out waiting for the fish. >> i like seeing this video, because it is such a unique, cool sight. >> that's going to do it for us at "rtm." we have one more video for you. he released a teaser a few weeks ago but now justin timberlake has released a whole video for his song "suit and tie" featuring jay-z. enjoy it. we'll see you next time. ♪ snoe ♪ show you a few things about love ♪ if from your tv service,ore now's a great time to get at&t u-verse tv. make the switch. [ female announcer ] call now to get u-verse tv starting as low as $19 a month for one year, when you bundle tv and internet with speeds up to 24 megs. add hbo and cinemax and get the first three months free. [ male announcer ] with u-verse tv, yo
's giving it that vibration. an energy drink? >> i think anything in metal would work. >> dry ice, warm metal touching dry ice. we've. >> real. >> real. >> team science. >> meanwhile at the factory. >> whoa! >> i love this video and wish this was real. >> it started off, i thought it was like a tornado coming in. >> no, it's the transformer. >> i'm disappointed it did the dove step. how white guys dance at weddings. >> shaking his groove thing. >> definitely fake. i don't believe this is real. >> i believe in magic. this isreal. >> this is a really digitized video. real. >> this is probly better than anormers >> just because these two dogs don't have their front legs doesn't mean they don't have something to offer society. >> we first heard about it seven years ago. they were looking for a home for him. >> this is can do. he was adopted by this couple. a woman needed to give lucy up. they sought a couple out. they wanted lucy to be in a home where people were used to a dog that didn't have front legs. as you can see these dogs have adaptive devices and they are therapy dogs. >> you firs
on the pga tour, well maybe we'll see more gangham style. >> it takes a lot of energy for me to do that. i don't think the players would like me dancing on the green. so i might have to find something else to do on the green. >> he's no bill murray but maybe james and other young golfers can help the pga losen it's corporate collar. i'm fred inglis. >>> after a 4-0. golden state back home on tuesday, houston rockets the game for the warriors right before the all star game. lebron making a statement driving the baseline. putting down a scary jam for his 32 points. two teams played on even terms in the half. dwayne wade behind. dwight howard likes to refer to himself as superman but this day all james needed was a cape. miami winners. >>> blake griffin can take it to the net too. nice to have a guy like griffin around when your shot is off. led la with 25. he will get to the hoop and get the points despite the foul. 102-88. >>> we transition to the ice in detroit, l.a. kings against the red wings, drew doudy about to deliver a crushing hit. hits like these are responsible for the development
and then matching each section with a priority? > > absolutely. and think about, when is your energy the best for that particular activity? sometimes people are really good in the morning, some people are good in the afternoon. when is the best time to return phone calls? but don't let interruptions get in the way. you drive your day, don't let your day drive you. > it's hard to do, though, isn't it, because that little smartphone on the desk is screaming at you to pay attention to it. > > exactly. it is beeping and buzzing and whizzing. it is making all sorts of sounds. in fact, when it rings, it plays your favorite song. > it knows how to get to me. barry molz, thanks so much. > > thank you. still ahead, automakers are making an aggressive push to design greener cars. but is it too little, too late? that's next. th a deadly disease. i was one of them. i'm a nurse and i knew how damaging the disease was to my life. nothing i tried seemed to work. my brother died. from complications of the exact same preventable disease and i knew i had to do something to get healthy. my disease was obesity a
a little coastal valley patch. again we have going to the north of us and you see all the energy moving in. expect for the s-rs fashion. little bank is starting to fill in but right there you see it back up. right now that flow is kind of bobs off so we're seeing the coastal closing pushing in to san jose. tomorrow is a repeat of what we had today expect it's going to be just a little warmer. temperatures should make it into the 60s. probably warmer than that. temperatures in some places cooler than they were yesterday. these new overnight low forecast. 35 in vallejo, 46 in santa rosa. by lunch their ticket if back and -- warmer that's the headline as we go into thursday morning. temperatures could reach into the upper 60s. it's going to be a hedge of a nice day. there were changes on the horizon. latest computer moles -rs have a chance as we go into thursday and friday as well 679 that's auld kind o of digit tp-rd that -t that's not what i'm talking about dry, dry, drive, 64 in gal roy. next week should look tkpweufrpbd. a couple of model shops have been consistent on bridging the new
with small- to medium-sized companies and federal agencies such as the energy and defense departments to innovate new ways to improve manufacturing. more than a dozen manufacturing hubs based on a pilot program in youngstown, ohio. "so you once had a shutted warehouse. it's now a state-of- the-art lab where new workers are mastering 3d printing. that's the future." the association for manufacturing technology says the concept will help small to medium companies that can't afford to spend a half-million dollars on r&d without immediate returns. "what's going to happen is the best ideas will come forward and there will be collaboration so the total price tag isn't picked up by the taxpayer." but senate minority leader mitch mcconnell isn't sold on it. "he says he wants balance, but his approach so far has been anything but. just as 'investment' has become a washington code for more spending, 'balance' has become code for 'my-way-or-the- highway.'" the president outlined nearly two dozen proposals in his state of the union speech, from incentives to high schools and community colleges to
that are helpful." (standup bridge)d dr santiago recommends ditching the sugary snacks and energy drinks and opt for a healthier diet and lifestyle. some yoga and mediation to relax or even seek counseling. gail clemente teaches yoga in san jose.(sot) gai (sot) gail clemente/dahn yoga" " when you are sitting and trying to study do not hunch over keep you spine straight and you shoulders neutral and try to keep as much as your shoulders down." then there is the counseling services offered on campus (sot) veronica hand/ counseling servicesstu students are going through a lot in their life whether if its working two jobs family problems difficulty in relationships and we're here basically to listen to them and help them strategizes to be academically successful. health experts say if students dont learn to cope with stress both physically and mentally chronic diseases can result. in san jose monday reynolds update news." san jose state has a new support group on campus. student parents empowered academically kinship or "speak". the group supports students with children. "speak" provides encourageme
's expected to begin producing energy by march 1st if not sooner. the man installing it told us the turbine is quiet and safe for birds. the project is funded by the san jose startup. >>> renewing their vows to each other and to beat leukemia. in just two minutes how one couple is drawing attention to a dire need for donors. >> a new take on >>> new video from antioch where a woman was injured by a stray bullet tonight. someone was shooting at a car on sycamore drive and a stray bullet traveled 1/2 block and went through a window in an upstairs bedroom hitting a woman inside in the arm. the wound appears to be minor. neighbors say this is the third time the duplex has been hit. >>> a san francisco couple today renewed their wedding vows while raising awareness at the lack of certain bone marrow donors. ktvu's david stevenson explains the very personal reason why the couple is so invested in that cause. >> reporter: with california's attorney general presiding san francisco natives kevin weston and latifa simon weston renewed their vows today five months after a hastie hospital wedding. >>
there is a link between obesity, and regularly drinking energy drinks. just 26% say the same thing about sports drinks. last november, voters shot down a soda tax in richmond. only 40% of people favor taxing sugary drinks. >> i live in richmond, and i supported the measure. >> i kind of think the tax is bad. it's not going to stop people from drinking soda. people who like soda, really like they're soda. >> reporter: the support increases dramatically if the money go to school nutrition programs. >>> a mother from san diego is making a tearful plea for help after her son vanished last week, during a visit to san francisco. 20-year-old christian hughes flew to the bay area from san diego nine days ago, he was supposed to fly home last thursday, but never made it. his mother says he hasn't been heard from since thursday morning and his cell phone has been turned off. >> i know he count have disappeared like this without -- he couldn't have disappeared like this without a trace. no one knows where he is. i seriously do not know what happened. >> hughes is described as 5'8", weighing about 130 poun
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